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Nokia Change Logo Design after 60 Years

Nokia Change Logo Design after 60 Years


Nokia, the former phone-making giant, has decided to revamp its iconic logo after almost six decades. The company unveiled its new brand identity ahead of the official opening of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona on Sunday. The new logo differs significantly from the previous one, with the widely recognizable typeface and "Yale blue" no longer being used. The new style is described as more contemporary and digital and represents a significant shift in Nokia's overall business strategy.

Nokia's CEO, Pekka Lundmark, explained in a recent interview with Reuters that the previous logo was closely associated with smartphones, whereas Nokia is now a business technology company. Therefore, the company has updated its logo to reflect its current business focus, which is primarily on selling equipment to other businesses. Although Nokia still hopes to expand its service provider business, where it sells equipment to telecom companies, it has moved away from making and selling phones.

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