Five most secured Smartphone in the world

Five most secured Smartphone in the world

 Five most secured Smartphone in the world. Now-a-days in market, there are many ultra modern smartphone which ensure us best performance along with provide us protection of our valuable information (both in hardware and software) like fingerprint sensor, Irish scanner and encryption. These protections feature are enough for the most of the user but some user wants highest level security and safety. Now we discuss about five smartphone which are called most secure smartphone in the world.


This smartphone was built by Israel based brand Sirin Labs that demand most expensive smartphone in the world. It claimed by the manufacture’s company that it is called world’s most advance privacy technology smartphone. Here 256—Bit NS encryption technology is used which is similar to the technology used by the military in order to protect confidential communications. It has 5.5 inches IPS LED display along with 1440*2560 pixels resolution, Qualcom Snapdragon 810 procesor and 23.8 megapixels rear camera.


Blackberry DTK50:

The Blackberry authority demand,” DKT50 smartphone is the most secured Android Smartphone in the world.” It has special tracking feature which can monitoring apps and operating system. As a result, it can inform if there is any risk. Besides it has an app named “Password Keeper” which can keep all passwords safely in one place.


Blackphone 2:

Blackphone was made by Silent circle. This Android smartphone is run by of his own operating system. They use a special feature called “Enterprise Space” which can connected more devices in one time. Besides it can notify any threat if there is any risk. It has 5.5inches full HD display, Gorilla glass for protection and run by octa core qualcom snapdragon processor. It also packs up a 13 megapixels rear camera.


Boeing Black:

Boeing Black was manufactured jointly by Boeing and Blackberry. It can enable call encryption and run by Android operating system. It was made with a view to using for Government Detective team. It has self-destruction feature, as a result of someone else who tried to break the lock the phone if you try to open or repair the phone, the phone will be obsolete.


Turing Phone:

Turing Robotic Industries was made this phone which is never hacked or break, can protect water too. Liquidmorphim is used here instead of steel or aluminum. In order to protect information, this smartphone has own encryption system. It houses 3000 mAh battery along with 2.5 GHz processor.

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