Cheap Price Smartphone: Advantages- Disadvantages

Cheap Price Smartphone: Advantages- Disadvantages

There have been different kinds of smartphones to meet your diverse needs. It may cost gross dollars estimates to fulfill the demand, or only 50 dollars can do that.

However, if the consumers can get the maximum benefit from costly, the smartphone is the question of the consumer's mind.

Virtoo Red Black DLC Smartphone can be the example. The smartphone is 37470 US Dollars in Bangladeshi it is about 30 lacks tk. Formidable Robast Sapphire Display Screen is available in this phone and it supports 64 GB internal memory. There has been 13MP camera with 300 hours standby battery life.

The price is higher with the High and Specification of Vatoo. But there is no need to spend this higher price to buy a standard smartphone thinks CSS specialist Ben Wood.

In a BBC conference Ben says, “in my thought it can be possible to get a standard smartphone at 200 euro.

Now we have reached a great time in the evolution of smartphones. Now sets are formidable and affordable in comparison. You do not have to worry too much about the price. “You can easily get a good camera with active processor” said Ben.

On the other hand, at the end of July EE mobile operator has brought a 49 euro price “The Rock” smartphone in the British market. It has a 5-megapixel camera, 400 hours stand-by battery to power the Android operating system. However, there is lag behind in terms of internal storage, which is only 8 GB of storage capacity.

Ben advised to buy a smartphone with aware.” I will worry about while buying a smartphone with less than 8 GB internal storage memory because you can run out of memory after just a few to install Applications."

After the success of one plus one Chinese manufactures one plus has brought one plus two in the market. The price has been rated 239 euro in the British market. Only invited persons are getting this phone like the before. The first One Plus One" was given almost 90,000 people by invitation.

Privacy sale

This is also a question how can a formidable specification keeps the lowest price to manufacture a smartphone.

Vice president Hugo Bara of Chinese electronics company Jiaomi said in details about this with Tech Branch. He said about the long life of the internal information of their organization.

"After saving a product for 18 from 24 months and then it sells for three or four phases are discounted on. Our MI2 and MI2 is like that device. One of the reasons of so many concessions is that we can gradually reduce the necessary component.


A research firm name Teardown carry out a study on iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus. In their research, the cost of different parts and their set up is 227 and 242 US dollars.

But the sold price is more. The price rate of iPhone6 is 650 US dollars and iPhone6 plus is 750 us dollars. Though the price is higher, the sale is not less. From April to June 2015 iPhone has been sold about 4 core and 75 laks.

However on this matter Ben Wood again and again said the intent of its consumers. He also said, “he enjoyed the experience of using Apple products who has iPhone. I have been always saying that iPhone is like the song of Eagle “Hotel California”. If anyone enters into this hotel he does not want to come out of it.”

Security Context:

In cheap price sets security is a very much important. Hacking and data privacy software update for the smartphone to be on time. The smartphone runs on Android operating systems in general is relatively expensive. However, it is not strong enough compared to Apple, as a result there has been a strong possibility of being hacked.

Security expert Alan Woodward a professor of university of Surrey said, cheap phones are not bad because construction costs have decreased steadily. But the issue of internal security is totally dependent on the software.

In the time of upgrading something new, cheap phones face some problems due to complexity. This happens because the operating system has strong security. Woodward said about this in details. It’s not that the value of certain technologies is working behind this but the sellers are upgrading these.

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New Added Products

Nokia C01 Plus
Nokia C01 Plus
Model: C01 Plus
Taka: 7,000.00
Nokia C5 Endi
Nokia C5 Endi
Model: C5 Endi
Taka: 18,500.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Model: Redmi Note 7
Taka: 14,990.00
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
Model: Galaxy A71 5G
Taka: 0.00
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (2020)
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (2020)
Model: Galaxy J2 Core (2020)
Taka: 8,500.00
Symphony Z12
Symphony Z12
Model: Z12
Taka: 7,990.00
Huawei Y7p
Huawei Y7p
Model: Y7p
Taka: 15,000.00
Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G
Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G
Model: Redmi K30 5G
Taka: 35,000.00