Anker is launching a new multi-device charger with USB-C connectors in four places

Anker is launching a new multi-device charger with USB-C connectors in four places

Anker 547 USB-C charging device provides an impressive 120W power and is helping you learn math. Anker is launching a new multi-device charger with USB-C connectors in four places. The charger can be capable of supplying up to 120W of power simultaneously if you can perform a little math.

The way it operates is that each port on the charger comes with different outputs. One port can deliver up to 100W of power itself if it's the sole port in use. Another port is able to deliver up to 60W. Then the two remaining ports can each deliver 20W each.

If you connect two devices, the 100W port is reduced to 90W if you are using any of the ports that have 20W or 60W when you use one of the ports that is 60W. If the charging port is used for three devices then the 100W port goes down to 60W, and the 60W port decreases to 30W, based on the ports are being utilized. If all ports are used the port 100W drops back to 50W.

It's not easy, however with a little usage you'll not have to pull out a calculator each time you utilize this gadget. If you own several USB-C powered devices that need charging with, the Anker 547 will be able to generate tons of power at once. even when all ports are in use, you'll get at least 20W for each port, which is sufficient for a variety of devices.

In addition, it uses an adapter cable to connect to the mains, instead of plugging directly into the mains. The cable can be detachable making it more convenient when traveling. The charger comes with standard safety features like protection against high voltage output and input short-circuit protection. the regulation of input current as well as temperature control.

The Anker 547 retails at $120, and it is also available through Amazon.

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